Walliance has signed an agreement with Directa SIM (the brokerage firm registered through resolution No. 11761 dated 12/22/1998, under number 59 of the Register kept by CONSOB). This gives Walliance Investors the chance to opt for the alternative quotas subscription and sale regime (known as "Indexing"). During the investment phase (equity crowdfunding), users can choose to opt for this solution whose main advantages include the following:

  • Anonymity: only Directa SIM will appear "on behalf of third parties" in the Chamber of Commerce file search, instead of the Investor's name. Therefore, Directa SIM will be the company holding the quotas on behalf of the Investor. The company quotas and related rights will, in any case, always remain available to the Investor who can ask Directa SIM for the beneficial ownership registration of the quotas at any time.
  • Transfer of quotas: all Investors who have elected the quotas registration regime will be able to sell the company quotas that they have invested in, even before the project's expiry, to any buyer holding a Directa SIM account. A communication sent to Directa SIM will be sufficient to transfer the quotas to the new holder. 

How can I join the Indexing service?

  • If you are already a Directa SIM client: please access your Dashboard, click on "Account," and go to "Indexing" There, you will be able to enter your 5-digit Directa SIM user code in the provided field. Within 48 hours, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the accuracy, or, the user code that you entered.
  • If you are not a Directa SIM client: please register for a Directa SIM account. To do so, access your Dashboard. Then select the "Account" section, click on the tab bar "To invest", enter the "Indexing" area, and click on the appropriate link. You will then be redirected to a new page where, through a form, you will be able to enter all the necessary data for registering your Directa account. You will be contacted by Directa SIM a few days after completing the form regarding clearance, per anti-money laundering legislation. After this clearance, you will receive your Directa SIM account number and your 5-digit Directa SIM user code. Now, you will just have to enter the code within your Dashboard's "Non-Beneficial Holding." Within 48 hours, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the accuracy, or, the user code that you entered.

Upon confirmation, your account will be enabled for Indexing. You can choose whether to register through a third party the subscribed quotas by simply ticking the appropriate box during the investment procedure. You can still make the investment if your profile is not yet enabled. In this case, it cannot be registered through a third party

If you have invested in the same project several times and have chosen the Indexing option at least once, then all subscribed shares will be addressed to Directa SIM within the Chamber of Commerce registration.

How much does the Indexing service cost?

If you are not a Directa SIM client and want to take advantage of Indexing, then you must pay €15 to activate the Directa SIM account service.

Once you become a Directa SIM client, the Indexing service will have a fixed cost of €20. This applies, regardless of the number of investments you make for a single project. Meaning, if you make multiple investments in the same project and take advantage of the Indexing service, then the service cost will always be €20. The €20 amount requested by Directa SIM for the service will be automatically debited from your Directa SIM account.


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