Through Walliance, you can invest in Real Estate projects realized in different countries around the world, as long as the fundraising is carried out within a European Union member country. To find out if there are Equity crowdfunding projects available in which you can invest, go to the "Projects" section.

Each project will be characterized by a specific label.

  • "Coming soon" means that the project is not yet online and that the crowdfunding campaign will start within a few weeks.

  • At the end of the countdown, the fundraising will be opened and you will be able to invest. Until then, you can see the project in preview and consult all the related documents.

  • "Invest" means that the project is open and, therefore, possible to invest in. If you decide to proceed with the investment, then follow the steps outlined here.

  • "Financed" means that the crowdfunding campaign for the project has already ended and you can no longer invest in it. The Real Estate operation, however, is still underway.

  • "Concluded" means that the project has come to an end, leading to the return of capital to its Investors.

You may not always find open investment opportunities on the platform. To stay up to date if a project is previewed, make sure you have activated the newsletter reception in the "Account" > "Preferences" section.

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