Any investor may grant Walliance a representation mandate free of charge. This mandate is intended to assist the investor in being represented in the exercise of his or her right to information with regard to the Companies of which he or she has become a shareholder. At the same time, the representation mandate strengthens Walliance's power in representing investors with regard to the Offerors, since its role as a financial intermediary, has never provided real information power to them. Walliance will provide through a designated person (the "Project Manager") to periodically request from the Offerors, on at least a monthly basis, updates on the status of the real estate transactions and to report them to the mandating investors.

The Project Manager is the figure within the Walliance team who will be responsible for maintaining direct contact with the developers of all real estate projects presented on the platform, gathering information on the progress of the ongoing transactions assigned to him or her, and promptly reporting it to the project investors. In each real estate transaction presented on the portal, it is possible to view the Project Manager, assigned directly within the relevant tab in the "Updates" section.

What is the representation mandate?

Information collected by the Project Manager, along with any kind of communication regarding the progress of ongoing projects, is exclusively shared:

  • in the "Updates" section, where, in addition to the classic quarterly report, each month the Project Manager will share the most relevant updates about regarding the status of the real estate transaction;

  • in the "Q&A" area, where all investors in the project can ask direct questions to the Project Manager from the moment the offer is finalized (prior to this moment, direct communication remains with the Offeror).

Accordingly, the sections regarding the "Temporal Status of the Project," and the "Status" (found in "Dashboard"), will also be updated by the Project Manager on a regular and consistent basis, based on the information received from the Offeror.

NB: For each investment offer submitted on the portal, it will be sufficient that just one investor gives Walliance the mandate of representation, in order for the person appointed by Walliance (i.e. the Project Manager) to share with all investors of the project the news he will collect every month from the Offering Company, in the "Updates" section. For the "Q&A" area, on the other hand, questions will only be taken over by the Project Manager in those cases where the investor who asks has granted the mandate to Walliance.

How to grant the representation mandate?

To grant Walliance SpA the free mandate governed by Article 6 of the Terms and Conditions for Investors, simply access the "Account" section of your personal area, enter the "Investing" tab, tick both options listed in the "Representation mandate" section and, after clicking on the "Confirm Mandate via OTP" button, enter the code received via SMS.

What is the representation mandate?

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