Financing your company through equity allows you to increase the availability of your capital for the development of a given real estate operation by offering new investors the opportunity to subscribe to its shares. In this way, investors subscribe to the Issuing Company's risk capital and become shareholders with only equity rights.

Benefits of equity financing

Opening up to new investors allows you to raise and use new financial resources for the growth of your company and enables you to:

  • reduce the timing for capital disbursement. The pre-decision is made in about 3 working days and within 40 days the funds are released;

  • balancing the financial structure of real estate operations by involving a passive equity partner. This increases the return on the capital invested and generates useful resources which can be used to grow business volume;

  • have greater negotiating strength. The capital is disbursed in one lump sum, allowing the company to negotiate better rates with banks and ensure immediate payments to its suppliers;

  • reduce risk. Opening up equity to new investors reduces entrepreneur’s exposure to the real estate development while increasing its ROE.

  • improve the visibility of the real estate operation by using Walliance's strong Marketing channels.

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