For investments in financial instruments through authorized online portals involving both risk and debt, the Italian law provides that sums of money relating to the execution of orders are paid into an unavailable checking account in the name of the Issuing Company. 

The sums need to remain deposited there until the offer is finalized when they can be released in favor of the Issuer. The unavailable checking account will be opened through our partner, Banca Finint or Mangopay. Walliance will, however, directly verify it, pursuant to art. 13, paragraph 5-bis of the Consob Regulation. Therefore, through a special online questionnaire submitted to the Investor during the offer acceptance, Walliance will verify that the latter has the level of experience and knowledge necessary to understand the essential characteristics and investment risks. The assessment is based on the information provided by the Investor, which shall at least refer to:

  • the types of services and operations, also through online portals, as well as the financial instruments that the Investor is familiar with;

  • the nature, volume, and frequency of operations on financial instruments, also through online portals, carried out by the Investor and when performed;

  • the level of education, profession, or, if relevant, the Investor's previous profession;

If Walliance assesses the tool's inappropriateness for the client, then he/she will be informed accordingly, as well as via e-communication systems.

Please note: per the regulation, not even one cent of your savings can pass through Walliance bank accounts.

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