Walliance publishes a relevant Information Document for each offer, which contains:

  • the information, indicated in Annex 3 of the Consob Regulation and relative updates, provided by the Issuer even for significant new events, material errors, or significant inaccuracies during the offer that could influence the investment decision, contextually updating the subjects who have accepted the offer; 

  • the identification elements of the bank or of any other subjects that accept and process Orders, as well as the identification details of the account provided for by article 17, paragraph 6 of the Consob Regulation; 

  • the information and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal provided for in article 25, paragraph 2 of the Consob Regulation; 

  • frequency and modalities of the registrations' status, subscribed amount, and members' number updating;

  • if applicable, the indication of any alternative regime for transferring the capital quotas of small and medium-sized enterprises set up in the form of limited liability companies (S.r.l.) pursuant to article 100-ter, paragraph 2-bis, of the TUF and the related modality of regime choice;

  • where applicable, information on the possible destination for listing on regulated markets, multilateral trading systems, or organized trading systems of the financial instruments issued by the Issuer.

The information indicated can also be provided through the use of multimedia techniques. 

Walliance allows the acquisition of the above information on a durable medium.

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