Investing through Walliance costs nothing!
Walliance does not charge any subscription, management, performance, or redemption fees to Investors.

In total transparency, Walliance applies a Success Fee on the service offered exclusively to the Company which, through the platform, collects funds for developing the real estate project. The fee will be requested by the company only in case of successful fundraising.

Directa "Indexing" service

As part of the active partnership between Walliance and Directa Sim regarding the Indexing service (a.k.a. third-party registration alternative regime), Direct Sim offers the following economic conditions in agreement with Walliance:

  • the cost is € 15 if you are an individual and € 80 if you are a legal person, for the activation service of the Directa SIM account + € 30 for the campaign subscription, regardless of the number of placed orders;

  • if you have already made other investments through an alternative regime, then a subscription fee of €30 is payable for each campaign, even of multiple orders. 

Upon request of the subscriber or the subsequent purchaser, a €5 fee is provided to certify proof of quotas ownership as a legitimation title for exercising social rights. 

For other possible services, Directa applies a global commission profile for each online trading operation, fixed and equal to €5.

Banca Finint

Costs related to opening and managing the checking account at Banca Finint and in the name of the proposing company are borne by the company itself. The Investor will be required to pay the amount related to the Offer in favor of the Issuer and the escrow account opened at the Bank. Any costs associated with the payment of the same will be taken on by the Investor if, and to the extent, foreseen by his/her bank, as well as any expected Bank fees for services provided and communicated by Walliance to the Investor prior to the Order's transmission.

The Issuer's unavailable checking account where sums invested by Walliance users are paid is non-interest bearing. Therefore, no form of interest can be claimed from the Investors who, for any reason (withdrawal, revocation, or failure to process the Offer), will possess the sums paid after generating an Order of adhesion. In any case, the Bank will not apply additional costs.

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