Updating your bank account will only take a few minutes.

Remember: in order to be able to invest, the IBAN you enter in your account must belong to a bank account in your name or co-owned by you. You can change it whenever you want and as many times as you like, as long as it corresponds to the bank account from which the investment transfer is made (when verifying the investment) and to the bank account to which you want to receive the transfer for the repayment of the capital invested together with the payment of the yield generated (when exiting).

How to update your current account

Here are the steps to follow.

Access the Account section of your personal area. You are on "My info".

Updating the bank account

Click on "Bank Account".

Updating the bank account

Click on "Edit" and enter the details of one of your current accounts or a joint account (without spaces) from which you will send the transfer for your investments and on which you will receive the returns. If it is a joint account, enter the first and last names of all the account holders and separate them with a comma. Once you have completed your entry, click on "Save".

Updating the bank account

Why we need your current account

A bank account is required to confirm your investment. Walliance will never charge your current account.

If you experience any problems as a result of these changes, please open a ticket by writing in the site chat: we will reply within one working day!

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