Walliance's Equity Crowdfunding investment are risk capital investments; meaning, by definition, there is no guarantee on the capital you invest in a project.

On the other hand, if you invest in one of the Debt crowdfunding or Lending Crowdfunding projects presented on Walliance, you make an investment in debt capital. In this case, at the due date of your debt security or bond, you will receive the invested capital, increased by the fixed interest rate.

Nevertheless, investing in Walliance has aspects that can definitely make you feel you at ease.

  • Legislation: the platform's activity is regulated and supervised by Consob.

  • Track record: Walliance carefully analyzes the companies that offer real estate operations, not only in terms of financial statements but also of corporate management. In fact, we ask for each director's CV to ensure that each of them meets the legal requirements of integrity and professionalism.

  • Selection: the real estate operations proposed to Walliance are subject to strict due diligence and must pass the review of an evaluation committee. Only the best-submitted operations are published.

Furthermore, operatively speaking, fund transferring to the Issuer occurs through our partner, Banca Finint or Mangopay. In fact, the funds are deposited into an unavailable account upon investment. The deposit is in the name of the company that collects the money but remains blocked until the end of the collection. 

For more information, please find our anti-fraud policy here

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