In order to make your Walliance investment, access the platform and register, by entering your e-mail address and password. You can also do so via Facebook or Google.

Validate your profile for investment purposes through your personal dashboard. Input your personal data and bank account number in the "My data" section. Remember that you cannot invest without activating your profile.

Go to the "Invest," section, browse the available projects, and choose what best works for you.

You can access information and documentation regarding the operation within the project tab. For specific requests, contact the Offeror directly via the Q&A section. 

You will have four steps once the investment is selected. Validate your profile if you have not already done so. Activate it and follow the instructions under point number 2 of this article. 

  1. read and accept the offer's conditions; 
  2. choose the investment amount and fill out the appropriateness questionnaire required by the CONSOB regulations.;
  3. if risk profiling is appropriate, then you can continue with the investment; otherwise, we suggest that you do not continue, even if no one can prevent you from doing so.

You also can join the 2x1000 project upon finalizing the investment process. Choose a non-profit organization among those listed in the agreement with Italia non-profit and Walliance will donate 2x1000 of your investment to it. 

Following this step, a screen will show the investment order confirmation and the bank account's IBAN for making the transfer. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation with the same data. You have 14 days henceforth to transfer the money. The transfer must be made by the same IBAN filled out in your personal dashboard (inside the section "MY PERSONAL DATA") and must correspond to a bank account in your name (or joint account).

If the crowdfunding campaign succeeds, then, during the processing of the offer, the quotas corresponding to the invested amount will be registered in your name, making you an official member of the project's developing company. Alternatively, if the fundraising campaign does not reach the minimum amount envisaged, then the offer will be considered unsuccessful and you will be returned the invested amounts

Last, consult the periodic updates of the Offeror directly in the "Updates" section of the project tab to track the progress of your operations. 

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