In order to make your investment, access the platform and register by entering your e-mail address and password. You can also do so via Facebook, Google or ID Apple.

NB: remember that you can do all the steps listed below directly from mobile, by downloading the Walliance app on your iPhone or Android device.

1. How to validate your profile

You will need to validate your profile to complete your registration: go to your personal area "Account" and complete the sections "My info" and "Invest". Let's see them in detail. Remember that you cannot invest without validating your profile.

A. Section "My info"

Complete the section, which includes several steps:

  1. full fill your personal data;

  2. verify your identity and address through the so-called KYC process. For this step, you need a valid ID (ID card, driver's license, or passport) and a selfie, taken without glasses or any other accessories.
    Remember: take or upload a real-time photo, no scans, photocopies, screenshots, or any similar formats are accepted;

  3. add your bank account, which must be in your name. If it is a joint bank account, enter the name and surname of all the holders and separate them with a comma. Walliance will never debit your bank account;

  4. complete the anti-money laundering, which aims at protecting the company itself as well as investors and offerers from attempted bribery, online fraud, and money laundering practices.

B. Section "Invest"

In this section, you can find the Appropriateness Questionnaire (MiFID), required by Consob regulations. It aims at verifying that you have the level of experience and knowledge necessary to understand the risks related to the investment offer.

Then continue by selecting the type of investor and - only if you wish - by activating the indexing service

2. How to invest on Walliance

On the "Projects" page you will find the list of all projects. You can access information and documentation regarding the operation within the project tab. If you have specific questions, you can ask them in the Q&A area.

Once you have selected your investment, you will have four steps to follow: if you have not yet validated your profile, please return to step 1 of this article.

  1. Confirmation of the invested amount.

  2. Indexing service, which is not mandatory.

  3. Verification of the data you have entered.

  4. Confirmation of your investment. This page will indicate the IBAN of the bank account to which the transfer will be made. You will also receive a confirmation email with the same data.

The bank transfer must be made right after you have placed your investment on Walliance (if it is a public holiday or a non-working day the value date to be entered is the one of the first available working day).

The transfer must be made by the same IBAN filled out in your personal dashboard (inside the section "My Info") and must correspond to a bank account in your name (or joint account).

For investments in financial instruments through authorized online portals involving both risk and debt, Italian law provides that sums of money relating to the execution of orders are paid into an unavailable checking account in the name of the Issuing Company.

Whether the crowdfunding campaign succeeds, during the processing of the offer, the quotas corresponding to the invested amount will be registered in your name, depending on whether you have invested in an equity crowdfunding campaign. You will become an official member of the company developing the project.

Alternatively, if the fundraising campaign does not reach the minimum amount envisaged, then the offer will be considered unsuccessful and you will be returned the invested amounts.

Finally, there are several ways to keep track of the progress of the operations you have already joined.

  1. In the "Updates" section of the project tab, by clicking on the details of each event, you will see a description of the step the operation is at.

  2. You can ask questions directly in the Q&A area of the project tab. The Issuer will answer the questions posed up to the date of finalization of the offer, after that the answers will be given by the Project Manager to whom the real estate project is assigned.

  3. Quarterly, starting from the finalization date of the offer, a progress report will be published in the "Updates" section, summarizing the status of the project in which you have invested. In addition, every month the Project Manager will share the most relevant news on the progress of the real estate project.

Make sure you have activated the newsletter to receive an automatic email every time a report - or any other update - is uploaded.

Now you just have to find out which will be your first investment: here you can find all the projects presented on the platform!

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