Walliance believes that the website may contain forward-looking statements in its contents. Such statements can be identified by terms such as "power", "wanting", "planning", "expecting", "earning", "anticipating", "continuing" and other similar words.

Forward-looking statements are intrinsically subject to risks and uncertainties, which Walliance cannot accurately predict or expect. Although WALLIANCE believes that these statements are based on reasonable assumptions at the time of contents publication, the Company cannot provide any guarantee that such assumptions will be fulfilled

The actual results may differ materially from those indicated or envisaged in the aforesaid statements as they are subject to risks and uncertainties by nature. Forward-looking statements of contents refer only to the time of publication.

Walliance does not provide for publicly updates, except as required by applicable laws and regulations, forward-looking statements to update them with events or circumstances occurring after the aforementioned dates or to refer to occurrences in the past, except for those information and statements related to the investment offers on the platform and only after having received communication from the Tenderer Company or after having verified the existence of information to be communicated to the Investors.

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