Consob regulations require that, in order to invest in a platform-offered project, one must have completed what is known as the Appropriateness Questionnaire.

This questionnaire is meant to verify if the investor has the level of experience and knowledge necessary to understand the risks related to the investment offer.

Outcome of the questionnaire

You must correctly answer at least 70% of the questions in order to pass the questionnaire and be eligible for investment.

  • If you qualify for risk profiling, you can proceed with the investment. Your answers will remain valid for one year, after which it will be necessary to fill in the questionnaire again in order to continue investing.

  • If, on the other hand, the minimum score is not achieved, the investor is informed of the insufficient result and advised not to invest because of his insufficient financial knowledge. In any case, the investor will not be prevented from proceeding with the investment. The questionnaire can be repeated 90 days after the last completion.

Where to fill out the Appropriateness Questionnaire

The investor can fill out the Appropriateness Questionnaire in his personal area, under "Account > To Invest". You must complete it before the investment process.

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