Walliance is a platform that offers tailor-made financing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. This means that when an entrepreneurial activity get in touch with the real estate team, a phase of dialogue begins aimed at mutual and in-depth knowledge.
The first step is then followed by the preliminary inquiry phase. In the same time the issuer registers its company on the platform and submits the documentation requested by the analysis team. Walliance then verifies that the proposed real estate projects comply with certain parameters - set out below as general criteria - applicable with margins of flexibility due to the peculiarities of each company and project.

An analysis is performed on the Company developing the operation by considering:

  • references of the corporate group and the entrepreneur;

  • the track record based on previously developed projects;

  • the adequacy and consistency of the skills possessed by the partners and directors of the Company with respect to the specific activity carried out and the complexity of the project, as well as competence of the entrepreneurial team that will be dedicated to the project;

  • the Company’s ability to bring new liquidity to the project in the event of financial stresses, regardless of their causes;

  • the absence of interference or negative influence on the operation, the Issuer Company, and other activities of the candidate issuer and/or companies related to it;

  • the competitive scenario, with particular attention to the market positioning of the developer company’s business and operation;

  • the Company’s ability to respond promptly and introduce new organizational and/or production solutions to the occurrence of major unforeseen events or deviations from the budgeted Business Plan due to factors internal and/or external to the organizational structure.

If the Company responds positively to all the general criteria listed above, an analysis of the real estate operation will be carried out. In this phase, the following will be considered:

  • the market in which the real estate operation will take place;

  • the capital requirement, which must be at least € 1,000,000;

  • whether the real estate operation is capable of generating
    a profitability of at least 30%;

  • the duration of the project, which must be less than 36 months;

  • the financial structure of the operation, which must provide for other forms of financing such as Equity and/or bank disbursements;

  • whether the real estate operation is supported by adequate documentation (Business Plan, Building Permit, etc.).

In the event that the project passes the described evaluation stages, the Issuer candidate Company and the related real estate project are considered selected and the process of onboarding the campaign on Walliance begins.

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