Walliance has signed an agreement with Directa SIM (a brokerage firm registered with resolution 11761 dated 22/12/1998, at number 59 of the register held by Consob) which offers the faculty, for all Walliance investors, to opt for the alternative regime of subscription and alienation of the shares (so-called "Indexing"). In the investment phase, all the users can choose to opt for this solution that allows them to obtain the following advantages:

  • Anonymity: in the Company Registration Report of the Businesses Registry, will be present only Directa SIM as holder "on behalf of third parties", which will then be the company owning the shares on behalf of investors.
  • Transfer of shares: all investors who have subscribed through this regime, will be able to exchange their company shares with each other even before the deadline of the project. A simple notice to Directa SIM will let you transfer the ownership of the shares to a new holder.

See the Conditions of the Service by Directa below. [ITA]

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