Projects of various kinds can be supported by a large number of people through the use of online platforms. Four types of crowdfunding can be distinguished: equity-based, lending-based, reward-based and donation-based.

Crowdfunding is a type of bottom-up funding that allows individuals, associations and companies to collect sound money directly from the public; the technology boom of the last twenty years has substantially contributed to the growth of this alternative sector, detonating a myriad of specialized web platforms as unique intermediaries between supporters and beneficiaries of the collection. Crowdfunding is divided into four main branches: the reward model for Kickstarter, donation (self-explanatory), lending for the lending sector, and equity. 

Equity crowdfunding is the most structured version of the fintech collection examples: for the realization of a real estate project a vehicle company is usually established, and part of its shares are available to the public for the investment thanks to the visibility of specific platforms regulated by CONSOB regulators. Walliance is one of these, the first in Italy to make room for real estate in crowdfunding. 

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