The online fundraising platform called www.walliance.eu is managed by the company Walliance Srl, share capital € 81.930,00 fully paid up, registration number in the Trento Business Register TN-224237, tax code and VAT number 02432640221. The registered office and offices of Walliance Srl is in Viale della Costituzione 16, 38122 - Trento. Walliance has also a branch in Via Filippo Sassetti 32, 20124 - Milan.

Walliance Srl is registred under No. 21 of the ordinary section of the register of online portals for the collection of risk capital by innovative startups, as per CONSOB resolution no. 19939 of 30 March 2017.

Starting date of the activity: 21 luglio 2017.

Information about Walliance Srl founders and Walliance team can be found on the ABOUT page of www.walliance.eu.

Manager's contacts

Walliance Srl emergencies telephone number is 04611740236. 

The e-mail address is support@walliance.eu. Walliance has an active communication channel called "Intercom" on its platform that allows instantaneously to get in touch with its team. 

People that exercise the function of management, administration and supervision in Walliance Srl

Walliance Srl is managed by a Board of Directors composed of 3 members:

  • Giacomo Bertoldi, President with operational powers on the ordinary and extraordinary administration;
  • Marco Mongera, Adviser with powers on the Finance, administration and supervision area; 
  • Massimo Fedrizzi, Member of the Board

People owning holdings of at least 20% of the share capital holdings

Walliance Srl share capital is of € 76,923.00 fully paid up. The following members hold at least 20% of the share capital: Bertoldi Holding Srl, Trentino Invest Srl.

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