Access the Raise page and proceed to your real estate project presentation phase; we will assist you step by step in loading the necessary documentation.

Done? Now we'll let you know what's going on behind the scenes.

In the pre-evaluation phase, Walliance will examine the completeness of the design information provided, along with consistency and chance of success. After this step, you are thrown to the real evaluation phase, which consists in the verification of the good repute and legality requirements. To ensure your success, we submit business and financial plans to a careful analysis to verify their profitability potential. We are particularly attentive to the good repute of our proponents: if you fail the test, you will not be able to present new projects on Walliance!

If you fit all the requirements, congratulations: you are now on the launch pad. Once the shares structure, the company value, the fundraising duration and the term sheet are defined, the project is published on the platform. Let the fundraising begin!

When the deadline is reached, if the project is not entirely financed, we have two possibilities: if the term sheet provides for a minimum raising threshold and this is reached, it is possible to formalize the shares transfer; otherwise, the sums will be returned to investors. If the project collects 100% of the accessions, the transfer of the shares will be completed without a hitch, and the real estate project can take off. 

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