Access the platform and register, entering your email address and password, or using Facebook or LinkedIn. Browse the available projects and choose the one that deserve your investment. Walliance transparency allows you to contact the tenderer directly to request more information.

Once the investment has been selected, four steps are waiting for you: enter your details with your tax code, residence, identity card; read and accept the tender conditions; choose the amount of the investment and fill in the appropriateness questionnaire, required by Consob regulation. 

If you are suitable to the risk profiling, you can continue with the investment; otherwise, we encourage you to stop and not invest, although no one can stop you from continuing anyway. To find out why we care about the risk profile of our users, see the page dedicated to the appropriateness evaluation.

To end the procedure, complete the bank transfer and follow the fundraising progress until it is closed. If successful, you will be transferred the shares corresponding to the amount invested, otherwise you will be reimbursed; a further possibility is that the project has a minimum raising threshold established, which, if reached, will allow the transfer of the shares and the realization of the real estate project anyway. Finally, you can monitor the progress of the project directly on the platform by consulting the lead investor updates.

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