You'll find two documents about your investment:

  • the order confirmation: a document that attests to your investment order, containing instructions for completing the investment (such as bank transfer details);

  • the investment confirmation: a document confirming the successful completion of the investment following verification of the bank transfer.

Where to download the documents

Both the order confirmation and the investment confirmation are sent by e-mail, respectively, after the investment process has been completed and after the receipt of the bank transfer has been verified and the investment confirmed.

Both documents can be downloaded at any time from your Dashboard by following these steps.

Access the Dashboard section of your personal area. Click on the arrow symbol next to the name of the project for which you want to download the document.

Click on the icon corresponding to the document you wish to download.

Download your investment documents

Remember: the Company Profile of the society in which you have invested is available in the "Updates" section of the relevant project file (it will be processed by the Chamber of Commerce within 60 days of its submission).

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