The structure that Walliance provides in order to present a real estate project on the platform in order to raise capital operates on a tailor-made basis, depending on the progress status of the proposed project.

In the case of an equity crowdfunding campaign, an SPV (an acronym for Special Purpose Vehicle) will be set up, of which the crowdfunding investors will become shareholders, subscribing shares. If the project is developed in Europe, the SPV can develop the real estate project directly (direct investment) or it can finance a company that already owns the real estate (indirect investment). If, on the other hand, the project is developed outside the European Union, the SPV becomes the owner of a foreign company that develops the real estate project.

The amount collected from the campaign will be paid through bank transfers to an unavailable bank account, previously opened by the SPV (Offering Company), assisted by Walliance, at Banca Finint or Mangopay (our partners). At the end of the fundraising campaign on the Walliance portal, once all the investors' transfers have been verified and confirmed (by our team), the offer will be said to be completed (a procedure that takes about 2 weeks) and the amount collected will then be transferred to an available current account (opened at the aforementioned bank) in the name of the Offering Company. At the conclusion of the real estate transaction, the profit that is generated by/for the SPV is collected by the latter and then distributed among all shareholders, on a pro-rata basis, following the liquidation of the SPV, as determined by the articles of association and the Conditions of Offer.

In the case of a debt crowdfunding campaign, once the collection target has been reached, the Offering Company will issue debt securities subscribed by the Investors. The investors will receive from the Company the interest accrued on the amounts invested through the campaign, under the terms indicated in the Conditions of the Offer and, upon completion of the real estate transaction, the Company will reimburse the investors the capital invested.

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