The presentation of a property project to assess the feasibility of raising equity capital consists of two steps.

1. Fill in the form

In order to verify that the project complies with the general criteria, the Issuing Company must fulfill the form located at the bottom of the Raise page. No documents are requested at this stage. Once the form has been completed, the project receives a score, on the basis of which it is possible to continue or not to continue with the procedure.

2. Uploading documents

The first step is followed by the preliminary investigation phase, the first of four phases that make up the real estate project analysis procedure.

This stage requires the registration on Walliance and submission of the required documentation.

Only after having passed the preliminary phase, our Project Manager will be available to the Issuing Company for further information and support. If the real estate project is approved, the structure that Walliance provides in order to present it on the platform and raise the capital operates on a tailor-made basis, depending on the progress of the project that is submitted.

What happens if a project is not accepted?

In the event that a project is not accepted, it is still possible to resubmit the same real estate project at a later date if it presents substantial changes to the previously rejected project, or to submit other projects.

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