If it is an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, once the real estate transaction is completed (after all residential units have been sold in accordance with the Business Plan), the exit for investors will take place. It represents the liquidation of the invested capital and the generated profit (ROI).

  • If the investment has been made within the company carrying out the development (direct investment), once the transaction is successfully completed, the company will be put into liquidation and both profit share and invested capital will be distributed to investors.

  • If the funding campaign is carried out by a company that does not develop the real estate transaction directly (company "A"), the amount raised will be invested in the company involved with the real estate development (company "B") - (indirect investment). Once the ongoing project generates enough funds to refund Company A, Company B will be able to return the invested capital to Company A. Then, upon completion of the real estate transaction, it will distribute the profit share. Company A will thus be put into liquidation and the profit share will be distributed among all shareholders, according to the statute.

The generated profit, already taxed at a rate of 26% (see here the different types of taxation applicable), will be paid together with the invested capital - through a single bank transfer - directly into the bank account previously indicated by the investor in the "My data" section of his personal area.

If it is a Lending Crowdfunding campaign, once the operation is completed, the company, depending on the type of financial instrument, will either be put into liquidation and the resulting assets distributed among all shareholders according to the provisions of the articles of association, or liquidate to investors the capital obtained from the loan agreement.

On the other hand, in the case of Debt Crowdfunding, which involves "Walliance Debt" or "Walliance Minibond" products, once the Real Estate transaction is completed, the exit of the invested capital to the investors will take place. In this case, the interest accrued on the sums given to the Company may also be returned to the investors during the course of the campaign, according to the terms, methods, and quantification set out in the offer.

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