Of course. The non-professional Investor has the right to WITHDRAW from the investment within 7 days.

One can withdraw by electronic communication to the recesso@walliance.eu e-mail address or by clicking on the "trash bin" button in the personal dashboard after logging in.

If the Investor is a Consumer (pursuant to art. 67-duodecies and 67-septiesdecies of the Code itself), according to the Consumer Code, within 14 days after the order, via electronic communication to the ripensamento@walliance.eu e-mail address.

Additionally, all Investors have the right to REVOKE whenever a new fact occurs or a material error is detected concerning the Portal's displayed information that could influence the investment decision. In this regard, the legislation allows Investors to revoke the order within 7 days (seven) days from when the new information was brought to investors' attention, by electronic communication to the revoca@walliance.eu e-mail address.

If following a revocation, the Investor decides to rejoin, then the Investor is guaranteed the right to withdrawal within seven days of the new membership order.

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