The Business Plan (BP) is a document provided by the Issuing Company. It has all the information necessary to understand the proposed operation. The BP is visible in the "Documents" area of the project tab. 

What does a Business Plan contain?

Business Plan generally contains the following elements.

  • Brief description of the investment project and explanation of the company carrying out the entrepreneurial initiative in pursuit of its corporate purpose.

  • Submission of the Issuing Company.

  • Market analysis of the potential and target market, characteristics of the competition, identification of strengths and weaknesses, competitive positioning, and market quotas.

  • Sales targets, distribution channels, and sales organization, possibly linked to Marketing and advertising communications for developing the brand and product/service.

  • Main risks related to the business project activity.

  • Technical feasibility description of the project in relation to the production process, administrative and environmental authorizations, the need for investments in production facilities, technological infrastructures or commercial channels, and the availability of labor and infrastructural services, i.e., logistics and transport, energy and, telecommunications.

  • Economic and financial feasibility plan indicating the overall financial requirement (for technical and intangible investments and to finance the company's goodwill and working capital) and the related mix of hedging instruments.

  • Information on the expected ROI and risk factors that may negatively affect it, beginning with realistic and prudent assumptions.

  • Indication of the investors already involved in supporting the project, and a well-quantified proposal for new investors on the total required contribution of new financial resources.

  • The chronological development program of the project's main phases and related activities with details on the resources involved.

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